Liana Cahill, founder of Flow and Fuel, is a certified yoga instructor; a certified Roll Model® Method Practitioner; and a certified Yoga Shred® instructor.  The Roll Model® Method incorporates self-massage techniques and corrective exercises to manage pain using the Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls.  Yoga Shred® is a high intensity interval training that combines yoga movements. She believes these types of yoga styles are the perfect blend of movement to keep you healthy and strong.

Lian​a turned to yoga years ago as another form of physical activity, not realizing the magnitude of benefits it could provide to her life. After years of dealing with chronic pain, yoga was the ultimate answer.

Her classes combine creative sequencing, energetic playlists, and a dose of inspiration to help students deepen their practice within a safe and friendly environment.

Liana seeks to help others realize the benefits that yoga can offer throughout their journey on the mat.

The concept behind Flow and Fuel is simple - practice yoga to fuel the body with energy, the mind with peace, and the soul with joy.